Quality Control

2020-07-03 12:01:51

Beijing Delfa has many inspection equipments…..

Spectrophotometer L950 (PerkinElmer)

 It can measure from UV to NIR, transmission and large reflection(UAR). Wavelength is from 175-3300nm.

Infrared spectrometer Spetrum 2 (PerkinElmer)

It can measure transmission and reflection. Wavelength is from 1.8 to 18 micron.

Spectrophotometer UV1800 from (SHIMADZU)

It can measure from UV to NIR, transmission and reflection. Wavelength is from 190-1100nm


OptiCentric (Trioptics GmbH) 

Delfa has a set of OptiCentric from Trioptics of Germany, which used to measure centration of lenses with transmission or reflection. The test range of focal length is up to positive/negative 1m.

Laser interferometer (Fujinon)

The center wavelength 635nm semiconductor laser is the light source of the interferometer, which can measure the surface accuracy below dia.30mm for plane surface or spherical surface. The precision is λ/20.

Digital wavefront laser interferometer

This laser interferometer is used for testing surface accuracy of products, and the test diameter could up to 120mm and precision is λ/20 on standard surface. 

ZIP video measuring system (OGP)

This video measuring system is perfect for testing critical dimensions of product.

Profile Projector (Mitutoyo)

Beijing Delfa has Mitutoys’s instrument to test center thickness and other precision dimensional measuring instruments, which measuring accuracy is up to 0.001mm.

Quality Assurance- ISO 9001:2015

Beijing Delfa has  an  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate &  Quality Control Policy in place to maintain and serve our customers. We have specialized testing and inspection equipment in-house allowing us to keep an excellent quality control.

Quality Assurance System

--Our quality system is based on AQL 1.0 or 0.65.    

--Inspection is performed at predetermined points throughout the manufacturing process.       

--We make a form for statistical techniques we use for process control to check.

--We have a calibration system three month one time for all instruments used in final measurements of parts.

--We provide testing reports as evidence of conformance.

--We use soft packages to assure that product is not damaged in shipment.